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Remove AdBlock Plus (Will-Fix: #8665).feature/8665-remove-adblock
Let's have a web browsing fingerprint closer to the Tor Browser's.
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@@ -960,11 +960,6 @@ The default profile is split from the binaries and application data:
As for extensions we have the following differences:
-* Tails also installs the
- [Adblock plus](
- extension to protect against many tracking possibilities by removing
- most ads.
* Tails does not install the same Torbutton as in the TBB. We
installed a patched version.
@@ -1346,8 +1341,7 @@ issues|support/known_issues]] page.
However the fact that different browser extensions are installed in Tails and in
the TBB surely allows more sophisticated attacks that usual fingerprint
as returned by tools such as <> and
-<>. For example, the fact that Adblock is removing
-ads could be analysed.
From the point of view of the local network administrator, Tails is
almost exclusively generating Tor activity and that is probably quite
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@@ -41,12 +41,6 @@ Pre-freeze
The [[contribute/working_together/roles/release_manager]] role
documentation has more tasks that should be done early enough.
-Update Tor Browser preferences
-* update `extensions.adblockplus.currentVersion` in
- `config/chroot_local-includes/etc/tor-browser/profile/preferences/0000tails.js`
Coordinate with Debian security updates
@@ -67,27 +61,6 @@ Then, read this document from the branch used to prepare the release.
Update included files
-AdBlock patterns
-Patterns are stored in
-1. Boot Tails
-2. Start the tor Browser and open *Tools* → *Addons*
-3. Select *Adblock Plus* in extensions
-4. Open *Preferences* → *Filter preferences…*
-5. For each filters, click *Actions* → *Update filters*
-6. Close the Tor Browser
-7. Copy the `.tor-browser/profile.default/adblockplus/patterns.ini` from
- this Tor Browser instance to the
- `config/chroot_local-includes/etc/tor-browser/profile/adblockplus`
- directory in the Tails Git checkout.
-8. Commit:
- git commit -m 'Update AdBlock Plus patterns.' \
- config/chroot_local-includes/etc/tor-browser/profile/adblockplus/patterns.ini
Upgrade bundled binary Debian packages
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@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ Networking
transparently enables SSL-encrypted connections to a great number
of major websites
- [NoScript]( to have even more control over JavaScript.
- - [AdBlock Plus]( to remove advertisements.
* [Pidgin]( preconfigured with
[OTR]( for Off-the-Record
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@@ -35,11 +35,6 @@ Apart from that, **some of the <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> exte
specific to Tails**. More sophisticated
attacks can use those differences to distinguish Tails users.
-For example, Tails includes <span class="application">Adblock
-Plus</span> which removes advertisements. If an attacker can determine
-that you are not downloading the advertisements that are included in a
-webpage, that could help identify you as a Tails user.
For the moment, you should consider that **no special care is taken
regarding the fingerprint of the [[<span class="application">Unsafe