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- Add an explicit link to our documentation. Otherwise the link to the design document is give more importance. - Link to upstream on the first mention of the tool.
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You can also use Tails to access
-[[I2P|doc/anonymous_internet/i2p]]. I2P is another anonymity network,
-different from Tor. To know how it is implemented in
-Tails, see the [[design document|contribute/design/I2P]].
+[I2P]( I2P is another anonymity network,
+different from Tor.
-To learn more about I2P, see the
-official [I2P website](
+[[Learn how to use I2P in Tails in the documentation.|doc/anonymous_internet/i2p]]
+To know how I2P is implemented in
+Tails, see our [[design document|contribute/design/I2P]].
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