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Clarify how to set the Assignee field when submitting a branch.
As Ulrike pointed out: - The previous phrasing was very unclear. - It's hard to guess whether the FT is able and willing to handle a given review. Better let them decide. - It's not obvious how one can try to find a reviewer by themselves; while regular contributors should hopefully have no trouble doing so, new contributors would be left in doubt. So let's make the default case "empty the Assignee field" and whoever is handling the FT's frontdesk role at a given time (for now: yours truly; some day: rotating role) will dispatch reviews adequately. And hopefully, other team leads have some kind of view that helps the detect pending reviews in their own area, without relying on the FT. refs: #16650
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@@ -27,12 +27,13 @@ When you think it is good enough and have tested it, you have to:
successfully locally, or check that the test suite passes
on Jenkins.
7. Set the ticket's *QA Check* field to *Ready for QA*.
-8. Assign the ticket to nobody (aka. unassign it from yourself) by
- default. Unless it's clear to you that nobody on the
- [[Foundations Team|working_together/roles/foundations_team]] will be
- able or willing to do this specific review; in that case, _you_ shall try
- to find someone else to do the review, and assign the ticket
- to them.
+8. Set the ticket's *Assignee* field appropriately:
+ - If it's already obvious to you who can and should review your branch:
+ assign the ticket to this person.
+ - Else, assign the ticket to nobody, i.e. unassign it from yourself.
+ The [[Foundations Team|working_together/roles/foundations_team]]
+ will either handle the review themselves or help you find a suitable
+ reviewer.
8. For important changes, if you feel the need to ask input from the
greater development community, notify the [[|about/contact#tails-dev]]
mailing list.