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Improve the 'soft lockup' issue
- Move to known_issues/graphics because it's about the screen brightness and not about first boot stages. - Name it according to its generic symptom because it affects several computer models.
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This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report
your test results back to us.
-### Dell XPS 15 9560
-To make Tails start successfully, add `acpi_rev_override=1
-nouveau.modeset=0` to the [[startup
### Dell XPS L702X/03RG89, Samsung RV520, Samsung Series 7 Chronos
Does not start on USB sticks.
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@@ -294,6 +294,19 @@ We need more test results from users: [[!tails_ticket 15116]]
Other issues
+Black screen and "soft lockup" error
+On some laptops, Tails starts but displays the following error and ends
+up on a black screen:
+<p class="pre">soft lockup - CPU#<span class="command-placeholder">N</span> stuck for <span class="command-placeholder">N</span>s</p>
+To make Tails start successfully, add the following options to the
+[[startup options|/doc/first_steps/startup_options/#boot_loader_menu]]:
+ acpi_rev_override=1 nouveau.modeset=0
<a id="sg-black-screen"></a>
Black screen with switchable graphics computers