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Remove hopenpgp-tools, keyringer, libgfshare-bin, monkeysign, paperkey, pitivi, pdf-redact-tools, pwgen, traverso, and ssss (refs: #15291).
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@@ -47,14 +47,12 @@ Desktop edition
* GNOME Sound Recorder for recording sound ([[More...|doc/sensitive_documents/sound_and_video]])
* [Audacity]( for recording and
editing sounds ([[More...|doc/sensitive_documents/sound_and_video]])
-* [PiTiVi]( for non-linear audio/video editing ([[More...|doc/sensitive_documents/sound_and_video]])
* [Poedit]( to edit .po files
* [Simple Scan]( and
[SANE]( for scanner support
* [Brasero]( to burn CD/DVDs
* [Sound Juicer]( to rip audio
-* [Traverso]( a multi-track audio recorder and editor
* [BookletImposer]( to convert linear PDF documents into booklets, and vice-versa
Encryption and privacy
@@ -64,22 +62,12 @@ Encryption and privacy
[VeraCrypt]( encrypted volumes (like USB sticks) ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/encrypted_volumes]])
* [GnuPG](, the GNU implementation of OpenPGP for email and
data encyption and signing
-* [Monkeysign](,
- a tool for OpenPGP key signing and exchange
-* [PWGen](, a strong password generator
-* [[!wikipedia Shamir's Secret Sharing]]
- using [gfshare](
- and [ssss](
* [GNOME screen keyboard](
for accessibility, and as a countermeasure against hardware
[[!wikipedia Keystroke logging desc="keyloggers"]] ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/virtual_keyboard]])
* [MAT]( to anonymize metadata in files
-* [pdf-redact-tools]( to help
- with securely redacting and stripping metadata from documents before publishing
* [KeePassX]( password manager ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/manage_passwords]])
* [GtkHash]( to calculate checksums ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/checksums]])
-* [Keyringer](, a command line tool to encrypt secrets shared through Git ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/keyringer]])
-* [Paperkey]( a command line tool to back up OpenPGP secret keys on paper ([[More...|doc/advanced_topics/paperkey]])
The full packages list can be found in the [BitTorrent files download
directory]( (look for files with the `.packages`