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Move triaging of new Redmine tickets to UX + FT.
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@@ -33,8 +33,10 @@ The Tails Foundations Team is responsible for:
put it on our Technical Writers' plate, or draft something directly,
or merge a draft proposed by Technical Writer apprentices;
-* help triage new tickets that are on nobody else's plate when
- frontdesk isn't in a good position to do it;
+* handling new tickets when they are more technical than feature
+ request (those are handled by the UX designers) or about bugs;
+ reassigning to whoever is on Help Desk duty any new ticket that's
+ really a support request;
* ensuring that development discussions started on
<> are followed-up;
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@@ -46,11 +46,6 @@ User support
General communication watchdog
- - Try to do something about the
- [new tickets](
- that appear in Redmine; if you can't do anything, reassign to
- a Foundations Team member. An Atom feed is available for easier
- monitoring, see the link at the bottom of that page.
- Administer and moderate our general purpose public mailing lists:
- [](
- [](
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- This does not cover the UX work related to deliverables for
grants which have a dedicated budget.
+- Handle new Redmine tickets that are about feature requests and the
+ scope of Tails. Reassign to whoever is on Help Desk duty any new
+ ticket that's really a support request.