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Don't fail the build if Tor Browser supports new locales that we don't ship a spellchecking dictionary for (refs: #15807)
We're not trying to ship spellcheckers for every language Tor Browser ships a language pack for: we only include spellchecking dictionaries for tier-1 supported languages. So let's drop the need to maintain $NO_SPELLCHECKER_LOCALES and the code that would encourage developers to install new spellchecking dictionaries.
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## Spellchecking
-To see which among the supported locales there should be no
+To see which among the supported locales there should be a
spellchecker, run this in a Tails Git checkout of the commit the
release under testing was built from:
- git grep NO_SPELLCHECKER_LOCALES= config/chroot_local-hooks/11-localize_browser
+ git grep -E '^hunspell' config/chroot_local-packageslists/tails-common.list
Then do the follow in the same Tor Browser session running in the
`en_US.UTF-8` locale (or whatever locale you are most comfortable