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-[[!meta title="Backing up OpenPGP secret keys on paper using paperkey"]]
-<span class="application">[Paperkey](</span> is a command
-line tool to export OpenPGP secret keys in a format suitable for
-printing on paper.
-Paper can be destroyed easily but it also has amazingly long retention
-qualities, far longer than the magnetic or optical media that are
-generally used to back up computer data. So <span class="application">paperkey</span> can be useful in
-combination with other backup strategies.
-<div class="note">
-<p>Your OpenPGP key as exported by <span
-class="application">paperkey</span> is still protected by your
-To learn how to use <span class="application">paperkey</span>, read the [documentation on the
-<span class="application">paperkey</span> website](
-For example, to export an OpenPGP secret key using <span class="application">paperkey</span>, execute
-the following command, replacing <span class="command">[keyid]</span> with the ID of the key that
-you want to export:
- gpg --export-secret-key [keyid] | paperkey | gedit