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Release process: update transmission removal instructions (Closes: #16593)
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@@ -1053,7 +1053,7 @@ If not, list already running Torrents:
ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote --list
-… set `$ID` to the oldest one and delete it:
+… set `$ID` to the oldest one and delete it (do this both for the ISO and USB image):
ssh bittorrent.lizard -t "${ID:?}" --remove-and-delete
@@ -1435,10 +1435,12 @@ this, and skip what does not make sense for a RC.
stable release from:
- our rsync server:
`ssh rsync.lizard rm -rf /srv/rsync/tails/tails/stable/tails-amd64-${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}/`
- - our Bittorrent seed: get the previous release's _Transmission_ ID
+ - our Bittorrent seed: get the previous release's _Transmission_ IDs
+ (ISO and USB image)
with `ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote --list` and then
- delete it with
+ delete them with
`ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote -t "${PREVIOUS_VERSION_TRANSMISSION_ID:?}" --remove-and-delete`
+ then re-run `ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote --list` and make sure everything looks good
1. Remove any remaining RC for the just-published release from
1. Remove IUKs that are more than 9 months old from