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Release process: clarify how to ensure the release announce is sent by email (Closes: #16591)
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@@ -1413,11 +1413,14 @@ We announce *major* releases on the Tor blog:
Amnesia news
-The release announcement are automatically sent to `amnesia-news@`
-on an hourly basis, but it will be
-stuck in the moderation
-queue. [Log in]( and
-accept it.
+1. [Subscribe](
+ to `amnesia-news@`. It's the only reliable way to check if the next
+ step has worked (the online web archive is not refreshed immediately).
+2. [Log in](
+ and accept the release announcement, that's been automatically sent
+ to `amnesia-news@` on an hourly basis, and is stuck in the
+ moderation queue.
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