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Freezable APT repo: add some info.
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@@ -412,6 +412,7 @@ XXX:
* use `Tracking:` in `conf/distributions`?
* use a leading dash for `Update: - ...` in `conf/distributions`?
+ <>
* compare fields in generated `Release` files, with what can be found
in the official Debian archive
* "Reprepro uses berkeley db, which was a big mistake. The most
@@ -582,7 +583,7 @@ either symlinks (tested successfully) or HTTP rewrite rules.
Note: this works because APT only warns when the codename in the
`Release` file doesn't match the one requested in `sources.list`.
There's a code comment around this check, dating back from 2004, that
-says "This might become fatal in the future". We bet that if it
+says something like "This might become fatal in the future". We bet that if it
becomes fatal some day, it will be possible to turn it back into
a warning via configuration. This affects only development builds
since we're not going to configure APT _in the Tails ISO_ to point to