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GitLab: add more ideas inspired from how Qubes OS uses GitHub.
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@@ -81,7 +81,10 @@ issue, which allows one to find duplicates later on if needed.
- Feature branch: GitLab will automatically link a branch that mentions
an issue.
- Category, Affected Tool, Priority, Status, Type of work → use a set
- of labels for each of them; and maybe simplify a bit
+ of labels, each with a prefix, for each of them; and maybe simplify a bit.
+ For example Qubes uses "P: $priority", "C: $category", etc.
+ One can set multiple labels so we could perhaps merge "Category"
+ and "Affected Tool".
- Log time → Time tracking
- Due date → Due date
- Starter → dedicated label
@@ -143,7 +146,8 @@ of an issues list or issues board filtered by assignee, milestone,
and/or label.
We will need ways to share these URLs and ideally, to name them.
-We can do that on parent tracking tickets, on blueprints, on a team's
+We can do that on the GitLab project's description (home page),
+on parent tracking tickets, on blueprints, on a team's
page on our website, and possibly in GitLab's own
[wiki]( if we decide to
use it (either only for this use case or [[!tails_ticket 9174