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* Minor improvements
- Disable NoScript's HTML5 media click-to-play for better user experience.
+ * Localization
+ - Tails USB installer: update translations for French, German, Spanish,
+ Finnish, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish and Chinese.
+ - Tails Greeter: update translations for Farsi, Chinese, French;
+ new translations: Finnish, Norwegian Bokmål, Galician.
+ - tails-persistence-setup: update Farsi and Chinese translations;
+ import new translations for Finnish and Swedish.
+ - WhisperBack: update translations for Arabic, French, German, Greek,
+ Spanish, Korean, Polish, Russian. New translations: Finnish, Chinese.
* Build process
- Add automated testing framework (Sikuli, Cucumber, libvirt -based)
with a bunch of tests.