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+- <>
+- [debile](
+- [Jenkins configuration for Kamailio Debian
+ Packaging](
+ glueing Jenkins, pbuilder, reprepro, jjb, nginx,
+ jenkins-debian-glue, piuparts, DEP-8, and more together.
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+# Tools
+## live-autobuild
+<> is currently
+used to build "official" daily Debian Live images
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+This page is about continuous integration servers.
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+# Tools
+## buildbot
+We [[used to have a buildbot setup|todo/automated_builds_and_tests/buildbot]].
+buildbot ([homepage]( is a continous integration
+bot, able to communicate over mail or IRC. Used by many projects.
+Buildbot can be seen as a [framework]( to
+deploy continuous integration. It has no real configuration file, but
+what deserves this role is a file that can be thought programatically.
+Thus it provide a very flexible environment that can be customize for
+most projects needs.
+Some interesting pages, might be worth reading for people willing to
+play with buildbot and understand its logic :
+* [Chromium's buildbot config](,
+ which is the one driving their [builbot instance](
+* [Buildbot's documentation](
+* Tor project's [buildbot
+ configuration](
+## Jenkins
+We currently use Jenkins. See [[our dedicated page|automated builds
+and tests/jenkins]] for our notes about it.
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[[!meta title="Automated tests using cucumber"]]
-Merged for 0.17.2, see [[todo/automated_builds_and_tests]] for
-pointers to design and usage documentation.
+Merged in 0.17.2, see [[test/automated_tests]].
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+[[!meta title="Automated testing tools"]]
+We already have [[an automated test suite|contribute/release_process/test/automated_tests]].
+This page is about tools that could allow us to improve it.
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+# Tools
+## behave
+* [homepage](
+* Cucumber-like, in Python
+* used by GNOME
+* examples from the eog source tree, that use *behave* and *dogtail*:
+ - [feature](
+ - [steps definition](
+* not in Debian (2014/08/05)
+* Python (with Jython) is now Sikuli's preferred scripting language;
+ it's also the language that has the best maintained bindings to
+ interact with libvirt, accessibility technologies, and more
+* does *behave* work fine under Jython?
+## dogtail
+* [homepage](
+* GUI test tool and automation framework written in ​Python
+* uses Accessibility (a11y) technologies to communicate with
+ desktop applications
+* used by GNOME in combination with *behave*: see the section about
+ that one
+* in Debian Wheezy
+* how much do we still need Sikuli if we have dogtail?
+## LDTP
+LDTP is an open source testing tool that uses computer assistive
+technology (accessibility) to automate GUIs. It's used by GNOME,
+Mozilla and others:
+* [[!wikipedia Linux_Desktop_Testing_Project]]
+* [homepage](
+* [tutorial](
+* The main bindings are Python, but there also are a Ruby client and
+ Perl bindings in the [Git repo](
+* The LDTP dev mailing-list is very quiet, and it's unclear whether
+ GNOME still uses it, or instead switched to dogtail.
+## misc
+- Martin Pitt
+ [announces](
+ umockdev ([source code](,
+ a set of tools to record and mock hardware for debugging and testing
+# Open questions
+## Using accessibility technologies?
+In some cases, it could simplify some testing steps, such as anything
+about navigating menus, that we're currently mostly avoiding since
+it's hard to do in a robust way with Sikuli.
+A downside is that we're not exactly testing how most users interact
+with the software. Some upsides are that it would ensure that our
+stuff does support accessibility technologies, and that we would have
+to maintain less pictures.