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+[[!meta title="Tails Installer"]]
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+Installing Tails onto a USB stick is probably the most common and
+recommended scenario when started with Tails as this allows incremental
+upgrades and persistence.
+But as of 2014, getting Tails installed on a USB stick requires having a
+first temporary Tails to boot from and then running Tails Installer.
+Also, due to the way Tails Installer partitions the USB stick, this
+requires having two USB sticks and going through manual installation
+steps, often using command line.
+We want to eliminate the need for a first temporary Tails and have Tails
+Installer available on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
+As part of the ISO verification process we also want to push more
+verification logic to Tails Installer. See the [[blueprint on ISO
+Tails Installer is also used to do full upgrades. We want to move this
+to Tails Upgrader. See the [[blueprint on Tails Upgrader|upgrade]].
+In 2015 we will work on porting Tails Installer to Debian. This is a
+first step before having Tails available on other platform. This
+requires rethinking the scenarios in which Tails Installer is used
+([[!tails_ticket 7046]]) and adapting its interface accordingly.
+Those are the improvements that we propose for 2015:
+- Remove the splash screen:
+ - Outside of Tails
+ - In Tails, add a "Clone" button to the main interface
+- Implement "Install from ISO".
+- Autodetect if the destination key has Tails already.
+ - Then display "Install" and "Upgrade" buttons accordingly.
+- Make it possible to do "Install from ISO" and "Upgrade from ISO" from
+ the command line. See the [[Debian Hacker|bootstrapping#tools]] bootstrapping path.
+- Rework the wording of the main interface.
+- Add visual and textual context to main interface.
+- Point to website to download ISO if outside of Tails.
+- Add second button "Upgrade" below or side-by-side with "Install"
+ button.
+- Add a splash about creating persistence after rebooting.
+This will have to be coordinated with the Ubuntu release calendar.
+Ubuntu 15.10 is planned to be freezed in August 2015.
+Bonus for 2015
+The following improvements would be nice addition to the roadmap for
+2015, if possible:
+- Store version of Tails on destination key after install and upgrade.
+ - This would allow to display version in "Target Device".
+- Have Tails Installer available on Mac as it seems hard to find a
+ graphical installation technique.
+- Push more ISO verification logic pushed to Tails Installer. See the
+ [[blueprint on ISO verification|verification]].