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c. **done** decide how many reprepro instances we want/have to split all
this among
d. **done** mirror relevant suites of deb.tails.b.o as well
+ d. clean up Wheezy packages (hint: snapshots)
d. publish the snapshots over HTTP
e. try using such snapshots for building an ISO
e. publish the snapshots' serial: a file is updated, now needs to
@@ -87,6 +88,14 @@ little value.
- Handle the problem mentioned on
[[listing used packages|freezable APT repository#build-manifest]]
+ - When loading the list of available packages in time-based
+ snapshots, skip symlinks that reprepro generated for us
+ (e.g. stable → jessie). Then, the generated reprepro
+ configuration will only inject the packages in dists with
+ codenames (e.g. "jessie"), and once we run reprepro to
+ generate the tagged snapshot it will create the symlinks
+ in there ⇒ tagged snapshots are usable both via "stable"
+ and via "jessie" dists.
- support for multiple architectures? needed for multiarch
that we'll have to use as soon as we want to upgrade Linux
to 4.x, see