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@@ -89,6 +89,16 @@ The client must support SASL authentication.
* FWIW: Tor Messenger got 30K USD funding in 2017!
* FWIW: anonym has been happy using it exclusively for chatting since
September, 2016.
+* _Instantbird_ (on which _Tor Messenger_ is based) is dead upstream
+ and is meant to be
+ [replaced by future improvements in _Thunderbird_'s chat features](
+ (although _Thunderbird_'s future is unclear as well). To follow
+ along, subscribe to the [[!mozbug 1409891 desc="meta tracking bug"]]
+ and the ones it depends on. The _Tor Messenger_ developers
+ intend to
+ [follow suit](
+ and create a _Tor Communicator_ bundle based on _Thunderbird_, that
+ would handle both email and chat.
## CoyIM (based on xmpp-client) ([[!tails_ticket 8574]])
@@ -96,6 +106,17 @@ The client must support SASL authentication.
* [Github](
* CoyIM only supports XMPP.
+## dino
+* [homepage](
+* implemented in GTK+/Vala
+* supports XMPP and OMEMO; OTR support is
+ [not high on the todo list](
+* should be [[!debpts dino-im desc="in Debian"]] when you read this
+ ([[!debbug 860055]])
+* the Debian maintainer wants to add an AppArmor profile and got in
+ touch with intrigeri about it
## Gajim
XMPP client in Debian with plugins for OTR and [OMEMO]( (Signal-like, [XEP-0384]( but no IRC. Tickets were created and rejected some time ago