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[[!meta title="Translate Tails into German"]]
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+# What can be translated
+* **This website** must be translated in the `master` branch of the
+ [main Tails Git repository](
+ Please read the documentation about [[translating with
+ Git|translate/with_Git]] first.
+* The German team does not use Git to **translate Tails custom programs**.
+ Instead, and for this part only, we rely on [[Transifex|translate/with_Transifex]].
# Glossaries used by the German translation team
We try to follow the [GNOME Guidelines](
@@ -8,5 +20,29 @@ and their glossaries:
* <>
* <>
+As well as the Transifex glossary of the Torproject (you need to be logged in with
+Transifex to see this page):
+* <>
For words not in these lists it is helpful to see
how they are translated (or not translated) in Wikipedia.
+Often, we simply discuss on the [[mailing list for
+translators|]] if
+unsure which term applies best.
+# Contributors' repositories
+In alphabetical order:
+* flapflap: [[]]<br/>
+ OpenPGP: `2354 8DDD 83F5 3E54 024C E4CC 73F0 75CE 217E 3C9F`
+* muri: [[]]<br/>
+ OpenPGP: `0A22 2156 C805 923B B6A5 C26A 076D 7386 D16D 072E`
+* spriver: [[]]<br/>
+ OpenPGP: `179E 23A5 4D25 CF05 FC5F A67A C914 7FC5 687A 380F`
+* sycamoreone: [[]]<br/>
+ OpenPGP: `7204 C800 522E 14C0 7F87 1C6D E6AE 11A3 F6B8 D449`
+* u: [[]]<br/>
+ OpenPGP: `EDE3 F444 3F34 D261 9514 D790 B14B B0C3 8D86 1CF1`