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We have three main communication channels:
-* Our wiki (, to share guides and tools and to keep trace of who is doing what;
+* Our [[wiki|blueprint/l10n_Italian]], to share guides and tools and to keep trace of who is doing what;
* Online assemblies, to discuss about how translations and reviews are going;
* A [mailing list]( (<>), to plan assemblies and for other day by day communications.
We discuss together which files should have the priority, then each translator makes a branch with a group of files s/he wants to translate. When the translations are ready, they are reviewed by another member of the team and then merged.
-We use Poedit ( for the translations.
+We use [Poedit]( for the translations.
If you want to contribute, please contact us first through the mailing list. We kindly ask not to start translating files on your own before contacting the team, as we prefer to discuss things together and have a consensus before starting to work.