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+[[!meta title="Improve the Tails website"]]
+<div id="intro">
+<p>You can improve the Tails website.</p>
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Known tasks
+We have identified some things that we would like to see improved on
+our website: see the [website-related
+on Redmine.
+# Other ideas
+Nevertheless, if you are a web and/or graphics person, you can surely
+find other ideas to improve the Tails website! Even if you don't plan
+to implement every suggested enhancement yourself, it may be worth
+tickets]( with
+your ideas so that others can benefit from your insight.
+# Source code
+The source code for our website (CSS, templates and text) [[lives in
+# Talk to us
+[[!inline pages="contribute/talk" raw="yes"]]