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+[[!meta title="September 2014 online meeting"]]
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Hole in the Roof
+We looked at the [[Hole in the Roof|]]
+Many build environment related tasks.
+Maybe a friend of jvoisin wants to look on Docker issues.
+# Monthly low-hanging fruit sessions
+Next one is on Friday, September 12, on #tails-dev ( at 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST)
+At least three people said they would attend.
+# [[Tails Code of Conduct|]]
+Everybody likes the way is shaping, although we need to cover more situations.
+Someone will write a blueprint, and send an email with the updated version.
+We agreed on the following:
+ - "This code of conduct applies to all spaces used by the Tails project. This
+ includes IRC, the mailing lists, the issue tracker, the website, events, and
+ any other forums which the community uses for communication."
+ - Use "" as contact point.
+ - Integrate "don't publish private communication" and "if in doubt, ask us
+ first" in the part about recording.
+# [[!tails_ticket 7870 desc="Include OnionShare in Tails?"]]
+We will wait until it is included in Debian.
+Meanwhile someone will [[!tails_ticket 7873 desc="have a look at the code"]].
+# [[!tails_ticket 7540 desc="More darknets"]]
+Someone proposed on Redmine to include more darknets, for example freenet and Namecoin.
+We don't know Namecoin, and adding freenet seems a bad idea to someone. Also they are not in Debian.
+We will close the ticket and open another one in case some darknet packaged for Debian appears (freenet, namecoin or others)
+# [[!tails_ticket 7753 desc="Decide what to do regarding OFTC"]]
+We see Indymedia and OFTC as unstable services. We need something more stable to have preconfigured in Tails.
+We lack of time and resources to run our own IRC server.
+Maybe XMPP is a better solution but we raised the problem of having randomly
+generated account on the server. We would need to find a server that:
+ - Allows the creation of new accounts on the go.
+ - Erases unused accounts frequently.
+ - Supports Tor for real.
+ - Has a commercial SSL certificate or is available as a hidden service.
+Someone will investigate solutions for the situation on [[!tails_ticket 7874]].