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+[[!meta title="November 2016 online meeting"]]
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Volunteers to handle "[Hole in the roof](" tickets this month
+Nobody volunteered to handle additional Hole in the roof tickets.
+# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee
+There were no such tickets.
+# Availability and plans until the next meeting
+* intrigeri will be around this month, He is already booked with
+ a Strech sprint and a reproducible ISO sprint, but will help people
+ who want to prepare pieces for our next SponsorS grant proposal.
+* sycamoreone will try to do some Python porting and research for the
+ randomness seeding.
+* u will also have more time for Tails until the end of December.
+# [[!tails_ticket 11859 desc="Trusting Tails Installer & Ubuntu PPA"]]
+We decided that more info and in particular a clear user-story is
+needed here. The user-story should make clear how users will use the
+proposed solutions to improve security. The ticket will be set to
+"Needs more info".
+# [[!tails_ticket 11841 desc="Consider shipping libgail-common"]]
+We decided that this is a can of worm that we should not open.
+Many GTK applications produce spurious text on stdout, but this is in
+general not a problem. So, this ticket will be rejected.