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+[[!meta title="June 2018 online meeting"]]
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+# Meta
+- Attendees: intrigeri, jvoisin, sajolida, spriver, u
+- [[Logs|201806/logs.txt]]
+# Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month
+# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
+There's none.
+# Availability and plans until the next meeting
+- intrigeri:
+ - availability: ~half time or slightly more.
+ - plans: keep the FT boat afloat, RM 3.8, finish my ASP
+ deliverables, stay on top of the VeraCrypt project since I'm now
+ more involved than I used to.
+- sajolida:
+ - availability: "Full" expect June 11-15.
+ - plans: User testing for VeraCrypt, bug fixing for Additional
+ Software, kickoff the collaboration with Simply Secure, hopefully
+ do some work on donations ([[!tails_ticket 14558]],
+ [[!tails_ticket 14559]]).
+- spriver: Translation platform, German translations
+- u: I will do some Tails work this month: translation platform, an
+ important accounting meeting, Debian work. Otherwise I want to
+ continue work on another project.
+# Strategic planning: Containers/separated identities without rebooting
+We brainstormed why this could be a relevant goal:
+ - Even if we claim we don't support this, for many reasons users do
+ it anyway.
+ - Making it easier to switch between one's "regular" identity
+ (outside of Tails) and a "secret" one (in Tails) was mentioned in
+ user interviews. But "without rebooting" is too limiting as there
+ may be other solutions to this problem.
+ - Such a feature would be very innovative.
+ - This feature could encourage people to use more
+ contextual identities.
+ - Having to maintain multiple persistent configurations for multiple
+ contextual identities is time-consuming, when most of the
+ configuration (except identity-specific data) is common to all
+ of them.
+And then we brainstormed why this should not be a goal:
+ - Perhaps this is not the best solution to the problems this solution
+ would solve: having Tails running on cheap tablets, or booting
+ faster, or being able to hibernate and resume quickly could achieve
+ similar results.
+ - The main problem is to better support switching between the real
+ world and Tails (2 identities). Supporting 3 or more would only be
+ a slight improvement.
+ - This solution requires a full redesign of Tails, its
+ implementation, how it presents itself to the user, etc. and the
+ cost/benefit is not worth is.
+And then we reached a consensus among the attendees: we drop this as
+a goal but we replace it with a new one that is "make it easier to
+switch between a Tails contextual identity and another identity
+outside of Tails".
+<a id="cris"></a>
+# Gather comments on our draft personas
+Chapter 2: [[Cris, the sensitive information gatherer|personas#cris]]
+XXX: sajolida will add notes here.