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+(07:00:15 PM) intrigeri: meeting time!
+(07:00:31 PM) u: hey here spriver
+(07:00:33 PM) intrigeri: today I have the honor to facilitate.
+(07:00:39 PM) spriver: u: hi!
+(07:00:50 PM) intrigeri: who'll have the honor to take notes? (
+(07:01:34 PM) intrigeri: agenda is
+(07:03:13 PM) intrigeri: this should be a short meeting since there's nothing except the recurring short topics on the agenda.
+(07:03:33 PM) carlosm2 entered the room.
+(07:03:50 PM) lamby: (My first general tails meeting, otherwise I would take notes)
+(07:03:53 PM) u: I dont want to take notes but if nobody else volunteers, I'll save the log and process notes when I have time.
+(07:03:57 PM) muri-pidgin: i can take notes, now that i have a more comfortable client running
+(07:04:03 PM) u: ahhh great!
+(07:04:07 PM) intrigeri: muri-pidgin: yeah!
+(07:04:19 PM) muri-pidgin: wow, it even makes sounds!
+(07:04:26 PM) intrigeri: let's go then!
+(07:04:31 PM) carlosm2: a quick hi compas, here cacu
+(07:04:39 PM) intrigeri: 1st topic is: "Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month"
+(07:04:43 PM) intrigeri:
+(07:05:14 PM) u: no hole in the roof for me.
+(07:05:29 PM) spriver: neither for me
+(07:05:30 PM) intrigeri: what, #7102 landed back onto my plate.
+(07:05:31 PM) Tailsbot: Tails ☺ Feature #7102: Evaluate how safe haveged is in a virtualized environment - Tails - RiseupLabs Code Repository
+(07:05:56 PM) muri-pidgin: me neither
+(07:05:59 PM) intrigeri: well. so much for not taking it initially. I'll do something.
+(07:06:30 PM) u: :)
+(07:06:38 PM) intrigeri: will be done by segfault as part of the usb image project \o/
+(07:06:39 PM) Tailsbot: Tails ☺ Bug #12146: Tails installed using dd is not seen as a bootable device on MacBook Pro
+(07:07:39 PM) intrigeri: let's move on. as usual, if I'm going too fast and you need more time, shout and I'll rollback to previous topic.
+(07:07:44 PM) intrigeri: next topic is "Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee"
+(07:08:10 PM) intrigeri: given the release is in 2 days I would hope there's none.
+(07:08:20 PM) muri-pidgin: hehe
+(07:08:40 PM) intrigeri: actually there's one
+(07:08:41 PM) Tailsbot: Tails ☺ Bug #15567: Fix bugs and UX issues in the Additional Software beta
+(07:09:01 PM) intrigeri: u: I guess it's for Alan, I'll let you handle it as the team lead.
+(07:09:23 PM) intrigeri: looking at 3.10 too while I'm at it.
+(07:09:33 PM) intrigeri:
+(07:09:33 PM) Tailsbot: Tails ☺ Bug #15895: Remove some of our predefined bookmarks
+(07:10:10 PM) intrigeri: I'll assign to sajolida.
+(07:10:36 PM) intrigeri: so next topic: "Availability and plans until the next meeting"
+(07:11:12 PM) intrigeri: availability: most of you have received mine over email a couple weeks ago. minor changes only so far.
+(07:11:51 PM) spriver: availability: quite yes, plans: not really atm
+(07:12:15 PM) emmapeel: gill be travelling next month... not sure if i will be around much
+(07:12:31 PM) emmapeel: *i'll
+(07:12:32 PM) intrigeri: plans: release 3.9 and deal with its fallout, write VeraCrypt auto tests for the OTF contract, deal with day-to-day stuff, process some of the summit output, have some week-end time, sysadmin team sprint, Tor meeting in MEX.
+(07:13:15 PM) muri-pidgin: availability: i'll be available; plans are mostly working on reviewing translations and a couple of small tasks
+(07:13:41 PM) u: intrigeri: #15567 → I'll check with Alan.
+(07:13:42 PM) Tailsbot: Tails ☺ Bug #15567: Fix bugs and UX issues in the Additional Software beta
+(07:13:54 PM) kibi: availability: I'll try to process anything getting assigned to me, even if I need to prepare for moving flats;
+(07:14:02 PM) u: availability: well... busy busy busy but i am here and will do some tails work this month.
+(07:14:12 PM) intrigeri: kibi: I hope the flats are not too heavy :]
+(07:14:45 PM) u: and they are not moving in space without your consent.. :)
+(07:15:13 PM) cbrownstein: availability: i'm available. plans: close the elevated tickets currently assigned to me.
+(07:15:54 PM) lamby: Availability: sketchy. Plans: The vmdebootstrap RM bug was finally filed, so I will prioritise migration a bit higher here.
+(07:16:42 PM) intrigeri: kibi, lamby: I owe you folks some post-summit emails / notes processing / meta blah and scheduling next team meeting.
+(07:17:13 PM) segfault entered the room.
+(07:18:32 PM) spriver: segfault: hI!
+(07:18:49 PM) segfault: hi everyone
+(07:18:58 PM) intrigeri: anyone else wants to share plans/availability until Oct 3?
+(07:19:16 PM) cbrownstein: segfault: hello!
+(07:19:28 PM) intrigeri: yo segfault, aka. the VeraCrypt-in-GNOME-3.30-released-today hero!
+(07:19:38 PM) segfault: :)
+(07:19:50 PM) u: hi segfault
+(07:19:51 PM) segfault: that I will work on now, so I won't have time for the meeting :/
+(07:20:03 PM) u: segfault: i need to talk to you after the meeting for two minutes
+(07:20:24 PM) segfault: u: of course, just ping me then
+(07:20:27 PM) u: segfault: i'll ask you in PM
+(07:20:38 PM) intrigeri: alright, next topic then: Important missing bits in the next monthly report.
+(07:20:51 PM) intrigeri: i.e.
+(07:21:16 PM) intrigeri: well, it's empty so far, so consider this as a gentle reminder to add your exciting stuff there :)
+(07:21:42 PM) intrigeri: anything you want *me* (as the report currator this month) to add myself?
+(07:22:44 PM) u: intrigeri: summit report?
+(07:22:57 PM) u: link to ^
+(07:23:10 PM) intrigeri: muri-pidgin: I guess you'll do that ^
+(07:24:09 PM) muri-pidgin: if it is published until the monthly report yes. otherwise i'll just add a short sentence that there was a summit and a report will come ;)
+(07:25:22 PM) intrigeri: sounds perfect!
+(07:25:29 PM) u: i have nothing to add to this report, i'm curating the report for Sponsor_W this month.
+(07:25:29 PM) lamby: re. report... Something something microcode something?
+(07:25:44 PM) u: if people here can add their bits that would be greatly appreciated.
+(07:26:27 PM) u:
+(07:26:28 PM) intrigeri: lamby: do you mean like $last_joke_from_Intel?
+(07:26:43 PM) intrigeri: (s/Intel/modern CPU design/)
+(07:27:17 PM) lamby: Yes. Although more like explicitly reassuring "is Tails on top of this?" or "Does/will Tails have a release covering this" rather than it being in some release notes.
+(07:27:44 PM) intrigeri: lamby: OK, I'll check with sajolida.
+(07:27:54 PM) intrigeri: lamby: and FWIW I agree.
+(07:28:19 PM) intrigeri: lamby: 3.9 will have all the publicly available fixes btw.
+(07:28:43 PM) intrigeri: OK, this was the last topic.
+(07:28:54 PM) lamby: Neat. (Even if the answer is "no, not yet", still worth it..)
+(07:28:56 PM) intrigeri: Anything else to discuss? (that does not require any preparation)
+(07:29:08 PM) u: not from me
+(07:29:22 PM) muri-pidgin: nothing from me
+(07:30:54 PM) intrigeri: public service announcement from your (fallback, de facto) release manager who loves you all: please make sure your tickets with Target version = 3.9 have a realistic target version. We release 3.9 on Wednesday. So anything that you won't complete within 48h should be postponed.
+(07:30:56 PM) atomike left the room (Disconnected: closed).
+(07:31:03 PM) atomike entered the room.
+(07:31:34 PM) intrigeri: (it's always a good opportunity to wonder "hmmm, when exactly will I have time to do X" as opposed to me postponing everything blindly to 3.10)
+(07:31:59 PM) intrigeri: OK, meeting done then.