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@@ -27,12 +27,13 @@ When you think it is good enough and have tested it, you have to:
successfully locally, or check that the test suite passes
on Jenkins.
7. Set the ticket's *QA Check* field to *Ready for QA*.
-8. Assign the ticket to nobody (aka. unassign it from yourself) by
- default. Unless it's clear to you that nobody on the
- [[Foundations Team|working_together/roles/foundations_team]] will be
- able or willing to do this specific review; in that case, _you_ shall try
- to find someone else to do the review, and assign the ticket
- to them.
+8. Set the ticket's *Assignee* field appropriately:
+ - If it's already obvious to you who can and should review your branch:
+ assign the ticket to this person.
+ - Else, assign the ticket to nobody, i.e. unassign it from yourself.
+ The [[Foundations Team|working_together/roles/foundations_team]]
+ will either handle the review themselves or help you find a suitable
+ reviewer.
8. For important changes, if you feel the need to ask input from the
greater development community, notify the [[|about/contact#tails-dev]]
mailing list.