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@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ targeted at current Tails, as said above. More specifically:
* The `upstream/3.x+dfsg`, `upstream/4.x+dfsg`, etc. branches are what we tell `gbp`
to use as its "upstream" branch. Make sure to check them out when setting up the repository
for the first time.
-* For Ubuntu, we want to support the current Ubuntu version (currently `wily`), the
- upcoming version, currently (`xenial`) and the current LTS, from 16.04 on (currently
+* For Ubuntu, we want to support the current Ubuntu version (currently `yakkety`), the
+ upcoming version (currently `zesty`), and the current LTS (currently
We do not maintain any Git branches related to Ubuntu releases, as simply the changelog
entries are modified.
@@ -197,6 +197,23 @@ Add a signed tag to the Git repository and push the changes:
+If you are a member of the Debian pkg-privacy team
+Add the remote:
+ git remote add debian ssh://
+Then push:
+ git push --tags debian "$UPSTREAM_BRANCH" \
+ pristine-tar
+Never force push! If `git push` fails you may have to merge back in
+e.g. `debian/pristine-tag` into your local `pristine-tar` and push
+again. Also push it to `origin`, in that case.
Add the Debian package to Tails
@@ -244,7 +261,7 @@ You'll need to configure the dput tool to upload to the PPA and put into
fqdn =
- method = sftp
+ method = ftp
incoming = ~tails-team/ubuntu/tails-installer/
login = your_launchpad_id
allow_unsigned_uploads = 0