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-[[!meta title="Running the automated test suite on lizard"]]
-The isotester1 VM on lizard is configured to run our automated test
-suite. Core Tails developers can run it there, e.g. on ISO images
-built by Jenkins.
-[[!toc levels=2]]
-# Entering the system
-As a core developer, you have SSH access to `isotester1.lizard`.
-The connection details you need live in our internal Git repository.
-# Getting an ISO image
-You can quickly retrieve ISO images built by Jenkins from
-<>, e.g. using `wget` or `curl`.
-# Running the test suite
-Use `sudo su -` to enter a root session.
-A clone of the Tails Git repository can be found in `/srv/git/`.
-When using the `--capture` option, please pass it a filename within
-`/tmp/TailsToaster`, for storage management reasons.
-You can access the VNC display of the system under testing using
-a SSH tunnel.