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@@ -21,12 +21,26 @@ The Tails Foundations Team is responsible for:
those submitted by the [[release manager]], and the translation
merge requests sent to <>;
+* checking how important each issue forwarded by Help Desk is, whether
+ it's worth documenting it, and validating the workarounds. If it's
+ worth documenting the problem and possibly the workarounds, either
+ put it on our Technical Writers' plate, or draft something directly,
+ or merge a draft proposed by Technical Writer apprentices;
* help triage new tickets that are on nobody else's plate when
frontdesk isn't in a good position to do it;
* ensuring that development discussions started on
<> are followed-up;
+* proposing a release schedule for next year once Mozilla's own
+ schedule is available (generally during Q3), ensuring everyone
+ affected is aware of it and OK with it (e.g. team managers for
+ sponsor deliverables), leading this discussion to a conclusion,
+ updating the [[contribute/calendar]] accordingly, and asking
+ <> to decide between themselves how they will share
+ the [[roles/release_manager]] shifts;
* if time allows, do whatever code task the project sees as
top-priority, such as fixing Holes in the Roof, important bugs, or
implementing a feature that is needed to keep Tails relevant.