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+[[!meta title="Automated ISO tests on Jenkins"]]
+# Old ISO used in the test suite in Jenkins
+Some tests like upgrading Tails are done against a Tails installation made from
+the previously released ISO.
+In some cases (e.g when the _Tails Installer_ interface has changed), we need to
+temporarily change this behaviour to make tests work. To have Jenkins
+use the ISO being tested instead of the last released one:
+1. Set `USE_LAST_RELEASE_AS_OLD_ISO=no` in the
+ `macros/test_Tails_ISO.yaml` and
+ `macros/manual_test_Tails_ISO.yaml` files in the
+ `jenkins-jobs` Git repository
+ (``).
+ Documentation and policy to access this repository is the same as
+ for our [[Puppet modules|contribute/git#puppet]].
+ See for example
+ [commit 371be73](
+ <div class="note">
+ Treat the repository at immerda as a read-only mirror: any change
+ pushed there does not affect our infrastructure and will
+ be overwritten.
+ </div>
+ Under the hood, once this change is applied Jenkins will pass the
+ ISO being tested (instead of the last released one) to
+ `run_test_suite`'s `--old-iso` argument.
+2. File a ticket to ensure this temporarily change gets reverted
+ in due time.