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*I2P* is not enabled by default when Tails starts. To start I2P, add the <span
-class="command">i2p</span> boot option to the <span class="application">boot
-menu</span>. For detailed instructions, see the documentation on
-[[using the <span class="application">boot menu</span>|first_steps/startup_options#boot_menu]].
+class="command">i2p</span> boot option to the <span class="application">Boot
+Loader Menu</span>. For detailed instructions, see the documentation on
+[[using the <span class="application">Boot Loader Menu</span>|first_steps/startup_options#boot_loader_menu]].
When added to the boot options, *I2P* will be started automatically once the time has been synchronized.
Unlike previous versions of Tails, the router console will not be opened automatically.