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+[[!meta title="Sharing files with OnionShare"]]
+Tails includes [OnionShare](, a tool for anonymous
+filesharing. It allows you to share files directly from your running Tails.
+To do so, it creates a Hidden Service (a website whose address ends with *.onion*)
+within the Tor network. Any Tor user who you give this address to
+can download the files you decided to share.
+To share files with <span class="application">OnionShare</span>:
+1. Start the [[file browser|doc/first_steps/introduction_to_gnome_and_the_tails_desktop#nautilus]].
+1. Right click on a file or folder in the file browser and
+ choose <span class="guilabel">Share with OnionShare</span>.
+1. If you want to add more files, drag and drop them into the window
+ of <span class="application">OnionShare</span>.
+1. If you want to allow multiple downloads, uncheck the
+ <span class="guilabel">Stop sharing automatically</span>
+ check box.
+ Otherwise <span class="application">OnionShare</span> will stop
+ sharing files after they have been downloaded once.
+1. Click on <span class="guilabel">Start Sharing</span>.
+ When the files are available, an address similar to
+ *http://bwwijokny5qplq5q.onion/assam-cover* will be shown.
+1. Now you can pass the address to anyone else, e.g. via e-mail.
+ <span class="application">OnionShare</span> will inform you when
+ the shared files are being accessed.
+1. Once you close the <span class="application">OnionShare</span>
+ application or shut down Tails, the files are not shared anymore.