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-[[!meta title="Sharing encrypted secrets using keyringer"]]
-<span class="application">[Keyringer](</span> is
-an encrypted and distributed secret sharing software running from the
-command line.
-<span class="application">Keyringer</span> lets you manage and share
-secrets using OpenPGP and [Git]( with custom
-commands to encrypt, decrypt, and edit text files and other kind of
-documents. By storing those secrets in Git, you can share them with
-other people in a distributed manner.
-<div class="note">
-<p>Using <span class="application">keyringer</span> requires previous
-knowledge of Git and the command line.</span>
-To learn how to use *keyringer*, read the [documentation on the
-*keyringer* website](
-<div class="tip">
-<p>You can use the <span class="guilabel">open</span> command of
-<span class="application">keyringer</span> to edit, encrypt, and
-share <span class="application">LibreOffice</span> documents,
-images, etc.</p>
-To store your *keyringer* configuration across separate working
-sessions, you can enable the [[<span class="guilabel">Dotfiles</span>
-persistence feature|doc/first_steps/persistence/configure/#dotfiles]]
-and make persistent the files in the <span
-class="filename">.keyringer</span> folder of your
-<span class="filename">Home</span> folder.
-For example, if you have a single keyringer named **top-secret**:
- /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles
- └── .keyringer
-    ├── config
-    └── top-secret
-Make sure to update your *dotfiles* each time you use the **init**,
-**teardown**, **destroy**, or **preferences** command of *keyringer*.
-To do so you can execute the following command:
- rsync -va --ignore-existing --delete ~/.keyringer /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles