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@@ -66,9 +66,9 @@ If Tails is your only Linux system, you can generally reset a Tails USB stick or
directly from that device while running Tails.
1. When starting Tails, add the <span class="command">toram</span> boot
- option in the <span class="application">boot menu</span>. For detailed
+ option in the <span class="application">Boot Loader Menu</span>. For detailed
instructions, see the documentation on [[using the <span
- class="application">boot menu</span>|startup_options#boot_menu]].
+ class="application">Boot Loader Menu</span>|startup_options#boot_loader_menu]].
2. If Tails starts as usual, follow the instructions for [[resetting a USB stick or SD card
using <span class="application">GNOME Disks</span>|linux#disks]].