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1. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
-1. Open a <span class="guimenuitem">Root Terminal</span>.
+1. Start <span class="application">Software & Updates</span>.
-1. Execute the following command to add the *universe* repository to
- your system:
+1. Open the <span class="guilabel">Other Software</span> tab, and click on
+ the <span class="button">Add&hellip;</span> button.
- add-apt-repository universe
+ In the <span class="guilabel">APT line</span> field, specify:
+ `ppa:tails-team/tails-installer`
-1. Execute the following command to add our PPA repository to your
- system:
- add-apt-repository ppa:tails-team/tails-installer
+1. Click the <span class="button">Add Source</span> button.
-1. Execute the following command to update your lists of packages:
+1. Click <span class="button">Close</span>.
- apt update
+1. In the confirmation dialog, click <span class="guilabel">Reload</span> and
+ wait for the download of the package information to finish.
-1. Execute the following command to install the
+1. Open <span class="application">Terminal</span> and execute the following command to install the
<span class="code">tails-installer</span> package:
apt install tails-installer