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-[[!meta stylesheet="unsafe_browser_warning_style" rel="stylesheet"]]
-[[!meta title="Warning! The web browser you are currently using is not
-You are currently using the Unsafe Browser. As its name suggests, the
-Unsafe Browser's network activity is **not anonymous**. If you want a
-safe, anonymous web browser, please shut this browser down immediately
-and start the following web browser instead: *Applications* →
-*Internet* → *Tor Browser*.
-If you want to login to a captive portal to get Internet access (as is
-commonly necessary at Internet cafés, libraries, schools and other
-public places and businesses), try visiting any web site you know of by
-entering its address in the address field above. The web site you
-choose should preferably be common to your geographic location in
-order to raise less suspicion (good examples of such pages are search
-engines, news papers' home pages and similar). Once you've done that
-you should be redirected to the login page instead, and once logged in
-you should have Internet access so that you can start your anonymous
-activity by using **other** applications than the Unsafe Browser.
-**Note that the Unsafe Browser is never anonymous, not even after you
-have logged in to a captive portal.**