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+[[!meta date="Fri, 20 Oct 2017 10:00:00 +0000"]]
+[[!meta title="Many hands make Tails!"]]
+[[!tag announce]]
+Today we are asking you to give us a hand to fund our work in 2018.
+**Tails protects thousands of people everyday to be safe online and we
+give out Tails for free because we believe that nobody should have to
+pay to be protected from surveillance and censorship.**
+We've all become used to get content and tools on the Internet without
+paying for them. But you know that this is the result of users having
+become the new product. While sharing images and messages online, users
+generate page and advertisement views — which in turn generate income,
+reaching up to several billions of dollars for some companies.
+At Tails we will never sell your data, nor send you targeted
+advertising. And we will never sell our project to a company. We have
+made this clear in our [[Social
+Contract|contribute/working_together/social_contract]]. This contract is
+our public promise to our users as well as to the rest of the world, and
+with it, we are affirming a commitment to our beliefs.
+Being free software is a necessary requirement for our tools to be safe
+and to protect you as intended. If our source code was closed, there
+would be no way of actually verifying that our software is trustworthy.
+Last year we've made it clear [[how much of our overall budget came from
+government grants|news/why_we_need_donations]] and that, in order to
+remain independent and to use our money in the best interest of our
+users, we needed to be able to rely on donations. Our first donation
+campaign was a big success in that regard: your donations covered nearly
+one third of our budget of 2017.
+Our yearly expenses equal 230.000 € on average since 2015 - which is a
+very small budget compared to the multi billionaire companies and
+agencies running the surveillance business. Many of us still do a lot of
+work during their free time.
+While last year's fundraising success was amazing, 2018 will arrive fast
+and our user base is continuously growing. During 2017 we counted 22.061
+boots per day on average. ([[How do we know
+this?|support/faq#boot_statistics]]) **Many hands make Tails: If each of
+our users gave $15, our budget for the whole year would be raised within
+one day.** If we could fund Tails entirely through donations by our
+users, this would make us independent from government grants.
+This image shows the evolution of Tails boots per day since 2013:
+[[!img boots_per_day.png link="no" class="margin center" alt="Tails boots per
+day increasing steadily from 7000 in December 2013 to 22000 in October 2017"]]
+**But many of our users could actually get in trouble** if they donated to
+an anti-surveillance tool like Tails. So when donating to Tails you are
+also [[giving a hand to these people|news/who_are_you_helping]] by
+keeping Tails alive. Please consider setting up a yearly or monthly
+Last year, we received 2.043 individual donations. **If you want Tails to
+survive and be largely independent from government grants, please take a
+minute and <a href="">give us a hand</a>!**
+<div id="donate-button"><a href="">Donate</a></div>