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+[[!meta date="Mon, 4 Dec 2017 12:00:00 +0000"]]
+[[!meta title="Our plans for 2018"]]
+[[!tag announce]]
+As part of our current donation campaign, we recently explained [[why we
+need donations|many_hands_make_tails]] and [[what we accomplished this
+year|what_we_accomplished_in_2017]]. Today we are sharing with you some
+of our plans for the next years:
+### Applications and features
+- **Tails Server**: run onion services from Tails (VoIP chat rooms,
+ collaboration tools, web servers, messaging servers, etc.)
+ ([[!tails_ticket 5688]], [[Blueprint|blueprint/tails_server]]).
+ (Planned for early 2018.)
+- **VeraCrypt support in GNOME**: graphical utilities to mount VeraCrypt
+ volumes ([[!tails_ticket 11684]], [[!tails_ticket 6337]],
+ [[Blueprint|blueprint/veracrypt]]). (Planned for late
+ 2018.)
+- **Graphical interface for the Additional Packages persistent
+ feature**: allow users to customize which applications are available
+ in their Tails ([[!tails_ticket 14568]],
+ [[Blueprint|blueprint/additional_software_packages]]). (Planned for
+ late 2018.)
+### User research and support
+- **Power our help desk with a request tracker** to know better how to
+ help our user base at large ([[!tails_ticket 9803]],
+ [[Blueprint|blueprint/RT_for_help_desk]])
+- **Web translation platform** We have received a grant from Lush
+ Digital fund to set up a translation platform for our website. This
+ platform shall make it easier for translators to translate our
+ documentation, and to have our website translated into more languages
+ ([[!tails_ticket 10034]]). (Planned for late 2018.)
+### Better adoption
+- **Rethink the installation and upgrade process** in depth and reflect
+ on the future of *Tails Installer*, the installation on Windows and
+ macOS, and automatic upgrades ([[!tails_ticket 11679]])
+- **Give some love to our troubleshooting documentation**:
+ - Our [[known issues page|support/known_issues]] ([[!tails_ticket
+ 11665]])
+ - Computers with unsupported Wi-Fi devices, very common on Mac
+ ([[!tails_ticket 11683]])
+### Resistance to remote exploitation
+- **Persistent Tor state** to have persistent entry guards
+ ([[!tails_ticket 5462]], [[Blueprint|blueprint/persistent_Tor_state]])
+- **Persistent seed for random number generator** to have stronger
+ crypto ([[!tails_ticket 7675]],
+ [[Blueprint|blueprint/randomness_seeding]])
+- **Have critical parts of Tails audited** ([[!tails_ticket 14508]])
+These are all items that we find important and want to prioritize. But making
+them a reality will require lots of work, time, and money; on top of all the
+day-to-day work that we do to simply keep Tails alive.
+If you want us to get there faster, please take one minute to make a donation.
+<div id="donate-button"><a href="">Donate</a></div>