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@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ GSoC
After seeing Max write a non-neglictible part of [[todo/TailsGreeter]]
last year, Tails is participating in the Google Summer of Code once
again: Julien Voisin, who implemented the [Metadata Anonymizing
-Toolkit]( last year, will work on the [[Tails
-server project|todo/server_edition]]. We warmly welcome him into the
+Toolkit]( last year, will work on the [[!tails_ticket 5688 desc="Tails
+server project"]]. We warmly welcome him into the
Tails and Tor development communities, and we would like to thank
everyone who made this happen!
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ designed bits and design others for the next few years:
* [[Improve the web forum|todo/improve_the_forum]]: moving to a better
web forum will get us a less cluttered Git history, better user
experience, and hopefully even better community dynamics.
-* [[Automated builds and tests|todo/automated_builds_and_tests]]: this
+* [[!tails_ticket 6090 desc="Automated builds and tests"]]: this
will become huge, but should start small.
* [[Make WhisperBack SMTP relay more
reliable|todo/more_stable_WhisperBack_SMTP_relay]]: bring some more
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ sure their upcoming releases fits Tails needs.
Upcoming features
-We will implement [[partial upgrades|todo/incremental_upgrades]] in
+We will implement [[!tails_ticket 5754 desc="partial upgrades"]] in
May. Upgrade packs will provide only what has changed between two
releases (deltas) and a way to apply those changes to the currently
running Tails (taking effect after reboot).