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+[[!meta date="Sat Feb 06 17:00:00 2010"]]
+Amnesia 0.4 released
+Highlighted changes:
+* We now ship "Hybrid" ISO images, which can be either
+ burnt on CD-ROM or dd'd to a USB stick or hard disk.
+* We now ship multilingual ISO images; initially supported (or rather
+ wanna-be-supported) languages are: ar, zh, de, en, fr, it, pt, es.
+* Icedove was replaced with claws mail, in a bit rough way; see
+ [[todo/replace_icedove_with_claws]] for best practices and
+ configuration advices.
+* Virtual keyboard: kvkbd was replaced with onBoard.
+* Tor controller: TorK was replaced with Vidalia.
+* Anonymous, GnuPG-encrypted bug reporting is now made easy, thanks to
+ [WhisperBack](
+* Users are now warned at runtime when the amnesia version they are
+ running is affected by security flaws, and which ones they are.
+See the [online
+for details.
+Pre-built images are being uploaded; they will soon be available to be
+[[downloaded and seeded|/download]].