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+[[!meta date="Thu Sep 25 12:34:56 2014"]]
+[[!meta title="Tails 1.1.2 is out"]]
+[[!tag announce]]
+Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.1.2, is out.
+This release fixes [[numerous security
+issues|security/Numerous_security_holes_in_1.1.1]] and all users must
+[[upgrade|doc/first_steps/upgrade]] as soon as possible.
+We prepared this release mainly to fix a [[serious
+in the Network Security Services (NSS) library used by Firefox and other
+products allows attackers to create forged RSA certificates.
+Before this release, users on a compromised network could be directed to sites
+using a fraudulent certificate and mistake them for legitimate sites. This could
+deceive them into revealing personal information such as usernames and
+passwords. It may also deceive users into downloading malware if they believe
+it’s coming from a trusted site.
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Changes
+Notable user-visible changes include:
+ * Security fixes
+ - Upgrade the web browser to 24.8.0esr-0+tails3~bpo70+1
+ - Install Linux 3.16-1
+ - Numerous other software upgrades that fix security issues:
+ GnuPG, APT, DBus, Bash, and packages built from the bind9 and
+ libav source packages
+See the [online
+for technical details.
+# Known issues
+* The version of `tor` shipped in Tails 1.1.2 really is, *not*
+ as reported in the logs and by `tor --version`. The reason
+ is that the package was built with outdated files generated by
+ ``, but this only affects the reported version, not the
+ code.
+* [[Longstanding|support/known_issues]] known issues.
+# I want to try it or to upgrade!
+Go to the [[download]] page.
+As no software is ever perfect, we maintain a list of [[problems
+that affects the last release of Tails|support/known_issues]].
+# What's coming up?
+The next Tails release is [[scheduled|contribute/calendar]] for
+October 14.
+Have a look to our [[!tails_roadmap]] to see where we are heading to.
+Do you want to help? There are many ways [[**you** can
+contribute to Tails|contribute]]. If you want to help, come talk
+to us!