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@@ -39,8 +39,56 @@ mentioned regularly in the press and in research papers. This list is
not comprehensive, but illustrates some of the significant articles
that have been published about Tails.
+## 2015
+* The release of Tails 1.3 was covered by quite a few interesting
+ articles:
+ * 2015-03-01: [Lançado Tails 1.3](
+ in Espírito livre (in Portuguese).
+ * 2015-02-27: [Tails 1.3 Released, Introduces 'Electrum Bitcoin Wallet'](
+ by Wang Wei on The Hacker News.
+ * 2015-02-26: [The World's ‘Most Secure’ Operating System Adds a
+ Bitcoin Wallet](
+ by Ian DeMartino for the cryptocurrency community.
+ * 2015-02-25: [Tails : La distribution Linux axée sur la sécurité passe à la version 1.3. L'OS préféré de Snowden renforce ses fonctions de sécurité](
+ by Michael Guilloux in (in French).
+* 2015-02-20: In ['Citizenfour' Will Receive The Ridenhour Documentary
+ Film
+ Prize](,
+ Laura Poitras announces that "the prize money for the award will be
+ given to the Tails Free Software project" because "this film and our
+ NSA reporting would not have been possible without the work of the
+ Free Software community that builds free tools to communicate
+ privately".
+* 2015-02-05: (in French) In a [note to the French parliamentary
+ commission on digital rights and freedom](,
+ Philippe Aigrain explains that tools like Tor and Tails are bringing
+ together the necessary conditions, from a technical point of view, to
+ defend our rights to anonymity and privacy against massive
+ surveillance programs.
+* Websites that want to secure their journalistic sources like
+ [The Intercept](
+ and [Sourcesûre](, created by French speaking
+ media
+ [Le Monde](,
+ La Libre Belgique, Le Soir de Bruxelles, and
+ [RTBF](, recommend their sources and
+ journalists to use Tails.
## 2014
+* 2014-12-28: Martin Untersinger considers Tails as a bulletproof tool
+ against NSA spying in "[Les énormes progrès de la NSA pour défaire
+ la sécurité sur Internet](" (in French).
+* 2014-12-24: Andy Greenberg from Wired calls for donations to Tails in
+ "[8 Free Privacy Programs Worth Your Year-End Donations](":
+ "Tails has received little mainstream support and may be the security
+ software most in need of users’ donations".
* 2014-11-20: Amaelle Guiton writes about Tails in "[Tails, l'outil
détesté par la NSA, qui veut démocratiser l'anonymat en
@@ -48,23 +96,28 @@ that have been published about Tails.
with some of us in "[Tails raconté par ceux qui le
(in French as well).
* 2014-11-13: Thorin Klosowski from [compares Linux Security
Distros: Tails vs. Kali vs. Qubes](
* 2014-11-05: Tails 1.2 is featured on LinuxFr in "[Tails 1.2, une
distribution pour votre
(in French).
* 2014-10-29: In "[The 7 Privacy Tools Essential to Making Snowden
the Electronic Fountier Foundation says that "one of the most robust
ways of using the Tor network is through a dedicated operating system
that enforces strong privacy" like Tails.
* 2014-10-28: In "[Ed Snowden Taught Me To Smuggle Secrets Past
Incredible Danger. Now I Teach
Micah Lee, from The Intercept, gives many details on how Tails helped
Snowden, Poitras, and Gleenwald start working together.
* 2014-10-16: According to
[an article in
@@ -74,8 +127,10 @@ that have been published about Tails.
the Tor-based operating system Tails, GPG encryption, Off-The-Record
(OTR) encrypted instant messaging, hard disk encryption software
Truecrypt, and Linux.
* 2014-07-26: [Tails 1.1 is announced](, in French,
in an article by pamputt on LinuxFr
* 2014-07: I2P bug and zero-days buzz:
- 2014-07-21: Exodus Intelligence [tweets about multiple RCE/de-anonymization
zero-days]( on the
@@ -100,12 +155,15 @@ that have been published about Tails.
- 2014-07-25: We publish a [[security
advisory|security/Security_hole_in_I2P_0.9.13]] explaining the scope of the
problem, and temporary solutions.
* 2014-07-08: In the [July 8th Keiser Report on RT](
The Tails related part of the Keiser Report starts at 15'40".
* 2014-07-03: Tails above the Rest:
[Part II](,
[Part III]( by Kyle Rankin in the Linux Journal.
* 2014-07-03: Some articles on Tails users being targeted by NSA XKeyscore:
- In [NSA targets the privacy-conscious](
by J. Appelbaum, A. Gibson, J. Goetz, V. Kabisch, L. Kampf, L. Ryge.
@@ -115,8 +173,11 @@ that have been published about Tails.
by Cory Doctorow.
- In [TOR, logiciel-clé de protection de la vie privée, dans le viseur de la NSA](
by Martin Untersinger on (in French).
* 2014-06-25: [Dai segreti di Snowden ai social: il raduno italiano degli hacker]( by Andrea Rinaldi, in Corriere di Bologna (in Italian).
* 2014-06-30: [Tails, il sistema operativo incognito che frega l'NSA]( by Carola Frediani, in (in Italian).
* 2014: late April and early May, many press articles covered the
Tails 1.0 release, including:
- In [TAILS: Snowden's favorite anonymous, secure OS goes
@@ -154,54 +215,69 @@ that have been published about Tails.
by Richard Adhikari in LinuxInsider.
- [Tails 1.0 – La distrib sécurisée sort enfin en version stable](
by Korben (in French).
* 2014-04-30: [Tails, le système qui voulait vous rendre vraiment
by Alexandre Laurent, in Clubic (in French).
* 2014-04-29: [This is the most secure computer you’ll ever
by Russell Brandom, in The Verge.
* 2014-04-29: [How to be secure on the Internet, really
by Victoria Wagner Ross, in
* 2014-04-29: [Tuck in Your Tails and Hide from Big
by Stetson Smith, in Techgage.
* 2014-04-28: [Cómo instalar y usar Tails, la distribución Linux para navegar
de manera
by Juan Jesús Velasco in El Diario.
* 2014-04-23: Amaelle Guiton mentions Tails in the article [Chiffrer le Net pour
retrouver notre vie privée en ligne: une bonne solution qui pose des
in Slate (in French).
* 2014-04-22: publishes
[Anonymisierung -- Mit Tails in den
(in German), by Jörg Thoma.
* 2014-04-17: Bruce Schneier writes "Nice article on the Tails
stateless operating system. I use it." [in a blog
* 2014-04-16: [Leave no trace: Tips to cover your digital footprint
and reclaim your
by Alex Castle in PCWorld.
* 2014-04-16: [Tails, il sistema operativo di Edward
by Luca Colantuoni in
* 2014-04-16: In [Pourquoi Edward Snowden a utilisé Tails Linux pour
organiser sa
(in French) published on the 01net net-zine, Gilbert Kallenborn
reports about use of Tails by Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras et al.
* 2014-04-15: [Tails, il sistema operativo incognito che frega
by Carola Frediani, in
* 2014-04-15: The recent Wired article [is
on Slashdot homepage.
* 2014-04-15: ["Tails": Wie Snowden seine Kommunikation vor der NSA
* 2014-04-14: In the [press
she held after winning a Polk Award for her reporting on Edward Snowden and
@@ -210,9 +286,11 @@ that have been published about Tails.
disc, that is a sort of all-in-one encryption tool that you can use for PGP
and encryption. And it's just really secure. [...] So, it's a really important
tool for journalists."
* 2014-04-14: [Out in the Open: Inside the Operating System Edward
Snowden Used to Evade the NSA](
by Klint Finley, in Wired.
* 2014-04-02: In [Help Support the Little-Known Privacy Tool That Has
Been Critical to Journalists Reporting on the
@@ -234,21 +312,25 @@ that have been published about Tails.
tools in one place, with a design that makes it hard to screw them
up. I could not have talked to Edward Snowden without this kind of
protection. I wish I'd had it years ago."
* 2014-03-17: In [Index Freedom of Expression Awards: Digital activism
Alice Kirkland interviews the Tails project about our nomination for
the *Censorship’s Freedom of Expression Awards*.
* 2014-03-13: In his [Les 7 clés pour protéger ses
article (in French) published by the *Tribune de Genève*, Simon Koch
recommends using Tails.
* 2014-03-12: In his [Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web - Let's Not
article published by the Huffington Post, Mike Harris writes that
"Increasing numbers of activists are using high-tech tools such as
Tor or Tails to encrpyt their internet browsing and email".
* 2014-03-12: In his [US and UK Spy Agencies Are "Enemies of the
article, published in the Motherboard section of the Vice network,
@@ -258,19 +340,23 @@ that have been published about Tails.
sensitive than London Fashion Week or League 2 football, you might
want to consider using the Linux-based 'Tails' operating
system too."
* 2014-03-08: [Reporters Without Borders]('s
Grégoire Pouget blogs about Tails: [FIC 2014 : Comment être
réellement anonyme sur
(in French).
* 2014-03-04: Tails
[wins]( the
[2014 Access Innovation Prize](,
that was focused this year on Endpoint Security.
* 2014-03-03: In the March edition of the Linux Journal, that
[celebrates 20 years of this
Kyle demonstrates Tails.
* 2014-02-27: The Daily Dot announced the experiments on porting Tails to mobile
devices in "[Tor takes anonymity mobile with new smartphone
OS](" and
@@ -280,6 +366,7 @@ that have been published about Tails.
[Tomy Detachable Secure Mobile
project for more info.
* 2014-02-27: In his article "[Why It’s Vital For Users to Fund Open-Source
@@ -290,21 +377,25 @@ that have been published about Tails.
biggest story in journalism in the past decade, yet the tool the reporters
rely on is incredibly underfunded, is maintained by only a handful of
developers, and operates on a shoestring budget. »
* 2014-02-07: In his review of [uVirtus](, Kheops, from
Telecomix concludes that « Users should prefer Tails and other mature secure
live distributions (such as IprediaOS, Liberté Linux, Privatix and Whonix)
over uVirtus since they provide a real safety improvement to the user. For any
activity that does not entail transferring large quantities of data (such as
video files), there is no strong reason to prefer uVirtus over any of these. »
* 2014-01-14: On, Carla Schroder [picks
as the best Linux distribution for 2014 in the "Best Fighting the
Man Distro" category.
* 2014-01-07: [A RAT in the Registry: The Case for Martus on
explains how Benetech have selected TAILS (The Amnesic Incognito
Live System) to be the default environment for their use of Martus while
defending Tibetan human rights defenders against targeted malware attacks.
* 2014-01: "Tails: The Amnesiac Incognito Live System – Privacy for
Anyone Anywhere", by Russ McRee, in this month's issue of the
[Information Systems Security Association
@@ -316,11 +407,7 @@ that have been published about Tails.
to someone asking him what Linux distribution is its favorite: "I don't
use Linux. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone.) Although I have started using Tails".
-* 2013-12-30: Jacob Appelbaum stated at the [Chaos Communication
- Congress](
- "if you are a journalist and you are not using Tails, you should
- probably be using Tails, unless you *really* know what
- you're doing".
* 2013-12-12: In [A conversation with Bruce
as part of the "Snowden, the NSA and free software" cycle at
@@ -344,6 +431,7 @@ that have been published about Tails.
people alive. Tor is one of them. I mean, Tor saves lives. [...]
And every time you use Tor [...] provides cover for everyone else
who uses Tor [...]"
* 2013-11-12: In its review "[Which Linux distro is best for protecting your
privacy?](", prefers Tails over 4 other distributions: "The main advantages of
@@ -352,14 +440,19 @@ that have been published about Tails.
applications to make you do almost everything you may need without rebooting.
The documentation, while not interesting as the one for Whonix, is more than
adequate to help even Linux beginners. Yay for Tails, then!"
* 2013-11: The German-speaking ADMIN magazine [reviews
* 2013-10 : (in French) Framablog, [Le chiffrement, maintenant](, contains a whole chapter about Tails.
* 2013-10 : SecureDrop, "Aaron Swartz’s unfinished whistleblowing platform" promotes Tails in both [user manual]( and [security audit]( via [](
* 2013-10: The [occasional issue n°8 of
magazine is dedicated to privacy topics. Tails is mentioned
a few times.
* 2013-10-15: [CRYPTO-GRAM, October 15, 2013](
Bruce Schneier: "One thing I didn't do, although it's worth considering, is
use a stateless operating system like Tails. You can configure Tails with a
@@ -367,25 +460,31 @@ that have been published about Tails.
saved. Booting Tails from a read-only DVD -- you can keep your data on an
encrypted USB stick -- is even more secure. Of course, this is not foolproof,
but it greatly reduces the potential avenues for attack."
* 2013-10-04: In [Tor: 'The king of high-secure, low-latency anonymity'](,
page 7. NSA: "[Tails adds] severe CNE misery to equation."
* 2013-09-12: In [Inside the Effort to Crowdfund NSA-Proof Email and
by DJ Pangburn, Riseup birds write (about the TBB) "Combined with
the TAILS project, which Riseup supports, there is nothing better."
* 2013-09-05: In [How to remain secure against NSA
Bruce Schneier wrote: "Since I started working with Snowden's
documents, I have been using GPG, Silent Circle, Tails, OTR,
TrueCrypt, BleachBit, and a few other things I'm not going to
write about."
* 2013-08-13: (in French) [Tails en version 0.20]( on LinuxFR
* 2013-08-12: [Anonym und sicher Surfen mit
in the September edition of the
[LinuxUser]( magazine, that includes Tails
on the accompanying DVD.
* 2013-08-11: In their [DeadDrop/StrongBox Security
a research group (Alexei Czeskis, David Mah, Omar Sandoval, Ian
@@ -394,17 +493,22 @@ that have been published about Tails.
DeadDrop/StrongBox system. They also write: "We believe that sources
should be adviced to use the Tails LiveCD. This provides better
anonymity and is easier to use than the Tor Browser bundle."
* 2013-07-02: [Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance](
by Micah Lee on Freedom of the Press Foundation
* 2013-05-21: [Tails 0.18 can install packages on the
on The H Open
* 2013-01-31: [Comment (ne pas) être
(cyber)espionné ?](
by Jean-Marc Manach in "BUG BROTHER -- Qui surveillera les surveillants ?"
* 2013-01-29: Tails is
in Reporters Without Borders' [Online Survival Kit](
* 2013-01-14: [DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 490](
announces Tails 0.16
@@ -412,34 +516,50 @@ that have been published about Tails.
* 2012-12-05: [Tails Secure Distro](
by Bruce Byfield on Linux Magazine Pro
* 2012-12-03: [DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 485](
announces Tails 0.15
* 2012-11-05: [Tails and Claws](, review by Jesse Smith on DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 481
* 2012-08: (in Dutch) [Veilig En Anoniem Op Internet](
* 2012-07: [Linux Format](
contained a small, general article about Tails, as well as Tails
0.10.1 on the supplied DVD. *This DVD ships Tails in a `Tails` directory,
and its boot scripts have been altered to cope with that. The rest of
the system has not been altered according to our findings.*
* 2012-07: (in German) [Die totale Privatsphäre](,
by Klaus Gürtler in Der Bund, a Swiss-German newspaper
* 2012-06: [Tails 0.12 blends in better in Internet cafés]( on The H Open
* 2012-06: [The Tor Project helps journalists and whistleblowers go online
without leaving
a trace](,
by Adrienne LaFrance on Nieman Journalism Lab
* 2012-05-16: (in Italian) [Tails, un sistema operativo a base Tor]( on
* 2012-05-03: Tails 0.11 was announced in [ Weekly Edition](; the press release was
[published on LWN]( too.
* 2012-04-23: (Video) [Protect your Privacy Completely - Web Browsing with TAILS Tor](
* 2012-04: [Leave Your Cellphone at Home](,
Interview with Jacob Appelbaum, by Sarah Resnick on n+1
* 2012-02-02: (in French) [Vie privée : le guide pour rester anonyme sur Internet](, par Martin Untersinger journaliste pour Rue89
* 2012-01-13: (in French) : [Tails – La distribution Linux qui protège votre anonymat et votre vie privée](
* 2012-01-12: (in French) LinuxFR
[announces]( Tails 0.10.
* 2012-01-09 : (in German) Heise online [reported](
the release of Tail 0.10.
* 2012-01-06: [Linux privacy distribution Tails updated to version
on The H Open
@@ -449,20 +569,30 @@ that have been published about Tails.
* 2011-11-18: [Tails, the incognito live system, gets 0.9
on The H Open
* 2011-10-28 : (in French) A Tails 0.8 CD was shipped with the [Linux Pratique, issue 68](°68-–-novembredecembre-2011-–-chez-votre-marchand-de-journaux) magazine.
* 2011-08: Linux Journal: [Tails - You Can Never Be Too Paranoid](
* 2011-04-27: [The Amnesic Incognito Live System: A live CD for anonymity]( on
* 2011-04-20: Release announcement for Tails 0.7 on [](
* 2011-04-18: Incognito is mentionned in the [Distrowatch Weekly News](
* 2011-04-15: Release announcement on [Distrowatch](
+* 2014-12-01: is awarded the [November 2014
+ donation](
* 2014-06-06: Tails received an honorable mention at
[APC FLOSS Prize]( "In
particular, the jury wishes to highlight the Tails project, for
breaking ground in the area of user privacy protection."
* 2014-03-11: Tails [wins the 2014 Access Innovation
for Endpoint Security. Access reports that "Tails embodies the
@@ -473,22 +603,45 @@ Awards
+* 2014-12-29: In [Reconstructive narratives](
+ at the 31th Chaos Communication Congress, Jacob Appelbaum and Laura
+ Poitras explained that properly implemented encryption technologies
+ such as Tor, Tails, GnuPG, OTR, and RedPhone are some of the only
+ ones that can blind the pervasive surveillance of the NSA.
+ They are rated as "catastrophic" by the NSA itself.
* 2014-07-16: [The Amnesic Incognito Live System]( at Interference
* 2014-03-16: [Lightning talk about Tails]( at 2014 Mini-Debconf in Barcelona. The talk begins at 24:15 of the video.
+* 2013-12-30: Jacob Appelbaum stated at the [30th Chaos Communication
+ Congress](
+ "if you are a journalist and you are not using Tails, you should
+ probably be using Tails, unless you *really* know what
+ you're doing".
* 2013-12-29: [Tails needs your
at 30C3
* 2013-11-28: [Helping Human Rights Defenders to Communicate Securely: TAILS,
National Democratic Institute, USA](
at the World Forum for Democracy
* 2013-10-30: [Tails : confidentialité et anonymat, pour tous et
partout — L'utilisabilité et de la maintenabilité, fonctionnalités
critiques pour la
at [IRILL](
+Films and videos
+* [Tails 1.3 : The Amnesic Incognito Live System](,
+ by Linux Scoop, an introductory video to Tails 1.3.
+* Tails is being used in [Citizenfour]( by
+ Laura Poitras and appears in the credits.
* [Probando TAILS 0.16 Privacidad y
Anonimato](, an