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+Could a more recent browser with support for html5 be included in the
+image? There are plenty of html5 supporting browsers that are open
+source, and it doesn't have to be the default browser, but html5
+replaces a lot of what flash does, without the cost to privacy that
+flash carries.
+> Agreed. I'm in favor of [[shipping Tails with Firefox 5|todo/Iceweasel_5.x]] as soon as
+> compatible versions of all our extensions are compatible with it.
+> We've been testing this recently and only had a few compatibility
+> issues. A non-beta Torbutton extension compatible with FF5 is also a
+> must -in my opinion- before we install FF5 into Tails.
+> About "it doesn't have to be the default browser": we probably lack
+> the energy to maintain an additional browser configuration just to
+> support HTML5. We might ship a non-torified browser (with red lights
+> flashing and stuff) to [[todo/add_support_for_free_wifi_hotspots]]
+> at some point, but apart of this special case, clearly advertised as
+> unsafe and dedicated to a single usecase, I would not want to ship
+> anything less carefully configured and tested than our default
+> browser. --intrigeri
+# Implementation
+To support the youtube usecase, we additionally need to opt-in for
+the html5 experimentation, which requires installing a cookie
+(researched at [[!tor_bug 3347]] for TBB).
+Automatically adding something like `&webm=1` (or similar) to URLs,
+e.g. using a HTTPS-Everywhere custom rule or a [greasemonkey
+script](, could be a
+better alternative.
+[[!tag todo/research]]