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@@ -134,12 +134,10 @@ Protection against dangerous JavaScript
Having all JavaScript disabled by default would disable a lot of harmless and
possibly useful JavaScript, and might render many websites unusable.
-That is why **JavaScript is enabled by default** in <span class="application">Tor Browser</span>.
-But, we rely on Torbutton to **disable all potentially dangerous JavaScript**.
-We consider this as a necessary compromise between security and usability. As
-of today we are not aware of any JavaScript that would compromise the anonymity provided by Tails.
+That's why JavaScript is enabled by default but
+<span class="application">Tor Browser</span> disables all potentially
+dangerous JavaScript. We consider this as a necessary compromise between
+security and usability.
<div class="note">
@@ -232,13 +230,11 @@ NoScript to have even more control over JavaScript
[[!img noscript.png link=no alt=""]]
<span class="application">Tor Browser</span> includes the
-<span class="application">NoScript</span> extension to allow more control over
-JavaScript, for example, to disable JavaScript completely on some websites.
+<span class="application">NoScript</span> extension to:
-By default, <span class="application">NoScript</span> is disabled and some
-JavaScript is allowed by <span
-class="application">[[Tor Browser|Tor_Browser#javascript]]</span>, as
-explained above.
+- Protect from more JavaScript attacks. For example, cross-site
+ scripting attacks (XSS).
+- Allow you to disable JavaScript completely on some websites.
For more information, you can refer to the NoScript
[website]( and [features](