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@@ -70,11 +70,6 @@ little value.
- review and test k's code that is meant to address this [i]; in particular:
* `generate-build-manifest` (main Git repo), aka.
[[!tails_ticket 10748]]
- - see remaining XXX:s in the script
- - see the "if a (package, version) is seen at build time in
- 2 or more APT" case described below
- - check "Listing used packages" section for specs and
- potential problems
- The architecture information is not part of the manifest.
Is it OK?
* check source packages handling in
@@ -551,8 +546,6 @@ from it.
- for each .deb:
- * Version: Need to look up version _inside_ .deb's because file name doesn't
- contain epoch and then doesn't allow us to infer version.
* APT sources from where it is available, so that we can reinject it
into the relevant tagged snapshot(s!); better gather this info
incrementally rather than at the end of the build => we avoid
@@ -560,7 +553,6 @@ Output:
* Checksum(s) ???
- The union of all APT sources used during the build.
-- XXX: save more build info, e.g. Git commit etc.?
XXX: if a (package, version) is seen at build time in 2 or more APT
sources, we'll want to inject it into each of the tagged snapshots