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* releasing version
* Removed BitTorrent files for buggy 0.4, a fixed 0.4.1 is being prepared.amnesia2010-02-064-926/+0
* amnesia-security-check: use entries publication time, rather than update timeamnesia2010-02-061-4/+4
* updated PO filesIkiWiki::Plugin::po::change2010-02-063-66/+57
* Updated security issues status.amnesia2010-02-062-11/+12
* added note about ppcamnesia2010-02-061-0/+3
* releasing version 0.40.4amnesia2010-02-066-0/+1038
* Removed outdated local package.amnesia2010-02-060-0/+0
* todo++: yaboot needs to be hacked for multilingual support, tooamnesia2010-02-061-3/+4
* Rebuilt Tor for powerpc.amnesia2010-02-060-0/+0
* only build isohybrid images on i386amnesia2010-02-061-1/+1
* more doc updateamnesia2010-02-061-3/+0
* yet another release process updateamnesia2010-02-061-4/+5
* updated release process documentationamnesia2010-02-061-8/+15
* updated PO filesIkiWiki::Plugin::po::change2010-02-053-12/+12
* bumped dependency on live-helper to 2.0~a6-1amnesia2010-02-052-4/+4
* updated Debian Live APT repository's signing keyamnesia2010-02-051-27/+16
* wiki: updated build instructions, we now only ship hybrid ISO'samnesia2010-02-051-9/+5
* updated squashfs.sortamnesia2010-02-051-2302/+2663
* updated home-refresh's ignore listamnesia2010-02-051-0/+13
* $HOME(iceweasel): updated extensions registration statusamnesia2010-02-055-154/+272
* $HOME(iceweasel): updated adblockplus patternsamnesia2010-02-051-1361/+7114
* $HOME(Gnome panel): removed restart Tor launcher, added gnome-keyboard-appletamnesia2010-02-057-47/+35
* wiki: cleanup translationsamnesia2010-02-052-60/+125
* Merge remote branch 'origin/master'amnesia2010-02-056-94/+172
| * updated PO filesIkiWiki::Plugin::po::change2010-02-056-94/+172
* | [l10n] removed duplicated msgstr'samnesia2010-02-051-18/+2
* Really stop trying to support building several images in a row.amnesia2010-02-054-66/+55
* Adapted comments: building several images in a row has never been supported a...amnesia2010-02-051-2/+1
* closing now-invalid bugamnesia2010-02-051-0/+3
* todo--amnesia2010-02-051-4/+1
* Use a wrapper to run amnesia-security-check after sleeping 2 minutes.amnesia2010-02-052-1/+5
* Run amnesia-security-check in ~amnesia/.config/autostartamnesia2010-02-042-5/+14
* gitignore: ignore translation files that should never be checked-inamnesia2010-02-041-0/+4
* amnesia-security-check: added French translationamnesia2010-02-041-0/+41
* added support for translating our own programsamnesia2010-02-044-1/+59
* amnesia-security-check: support l10n in notification messageamnesia2010-02-041-9/+14
* amnesia-security-check: added l10n supportamnesia2010-02-042-4/+10
* amnesia-security-check: try fetching the localized feed; if it fails, fetch t...amnesia2010-02-042-9/+38
* amnesia-security-check: use LWP::UserAgent instead of LWP::Simpleamnesia2010-02-041-4/+6
* updated todo item wrt. what has already been doneamnesia2010-02-041-2/+8
* amnesia-security-check: verify server certificate against its known CAamnesia2010-02-042-9/+21
* [l10n] .fr title translationamnesia2010-02-041-1/+1
* [l10n] fixed .fr translation markupamnesia2010-02-041-1/+1
* wiki: integrated old translations of security page into new, split pagesamnesia2010-02-043-105/+162
* Merge remote branch 'origin/master'amnesia2010-02-0212-696/+229
| * updated PO filesIkiWiki::Plugin::po::change2010-02-023-10/+11
| * Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
| |\
| * | updated PO filesIkiWiki::Plugin::po::change2010-02-0212-696/+228
* | | amnesia-security-check: use the brand new security atom feedamnesia2010-02-021-1/+1
| |/ |/|