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* known issues - add Sandisk Cruzer Orbit 32gb to problematic USB sticks (#6976)doc/6976-known_issue_sandisk_cruzer_orbiter_32gbTails developers2014-12-031-0/+1
* FAQ: workaround to empty trash in persistence (#7083)Tails developers2014-12-031-0/+16
* empty space erasure doesn't delete hidden files, espacially in trash (#7118)Tails developers2014-12-031-0/+8
* Torbrowser New Identity feature (#7226)Tails developers2014-12-031-0/+12
* Tails doesn't encrypt by default... except in persistence (#7357)Tails developers2014-12-031-1/+1
* Warn to erase metadata before publishing (#7368)Tails developers2014-12-034-0/+11
* Update warning for TBB's "New Identity" feature (#7470)Tails developers2014-12-031-0/+4
* document email client, email providers, remove empty page about email encrypt...Tails developers2014-12-035-67/+28
* Merge branch 'master' of developers2014-12-0311-30/+95
| * Update alpha channel 1.2 upgrade-description file for the new 1.2_to_1.2.1 IUK.Tails developers2014-12-032-15/+15
| * updated PO filesamnesia2014-12-039-15/+80
* | FAQ upgrade - bis (#7926)Tails developers2014-12-031-8/+5
* | document Bluetooth not working + make it work with warning (#7787).Tails developers2014-12-032-3/+24
* | FAQ: don't do "apt-get upgrade" (#7926)Tails developers2014-12-031-0/+14
* RAM empties itself even without safe erasure (#8156)Tails developers2014-12-032-2/+8
* link the calendar in "about - what's next" (#7075)Tails developers2014-12-031-1/+2
* link changedTails developers2014-12-031-1/+1
* Updating trace file after uploading 1.2.1.Tails developers2014-12-021-1/+1
* Addincremental upgrade path from 1.2 to 1.2.1 on the alpha channel.Tails developers2014-12-022-13/+28
* Update calendar.Tails developers2014-12-021-12/+6
* Merge remote-tracking branch '451f/spriver/news_v1.2'Tails developers2014-12-021-42/+48
| * minor improvements of sprivers translation of release notes 1.2Tails developers2014-12-011-42/+48
* | Make it clear that's output and exit code are now part of its pub...Tails developers2014-12-021-0/+4
* | Use single quotes unless double quotes are necessary in developers2014-12-021-1/+1
* | Make `set -u' compatible, and then use it.Tails developers2014-12-021-7/+7
* | Use quoting more consistently in developers2014-12-021-2/+2
* | Prevent echo from adding a newline.Tails developers2014-12-021-2/+2
* | Add missing quotes.Tails developers2014-12-021-1/+1
* | Make exit with 0 iff. the filtered i18nspector's output was empty.Tails developers2014-12-011-7/+10
* Skip blank lines from the find|xargs i18nspector pipeline output.Tails developers2014-12-011-0/+1
* Seriously optimize avoid forking a python3 per PO file.Tails developers2014-12-011-1/+6
* Fix <<EOF syntax.Tails developers2014-12-011-4/+4
* Update Vagrant memory usage figures.Tails developers2014-12-011-3/+3
* Remove workaround instructions for #6514.Tails developers2014-12-011-2/+0
* Quote code more consistently.Tails developers2014-12-011-14/+14
* Suggest a safe workaround for installing Vagrant.Tails developers2014-12-011-18/+68
* Separate build instructions that apply for both wheezy and jessie.Tails developers2014-11-301-0/+4
* Also pin vagrant version 1.4.3+dfsg1-3 in Jessie.Tails developers2014-11-301-1/+1
* describe installing vagrant from debian snapshotsKill Your TV2014-11-301-5/+13
* Add live system that provides a Dockerfile for easier building.Tails developers2014-11-301-0/+2
* Add info wrt. what people use to build cloud images (Closes: #7529).Tails developers2014-11-301-0/+14
* Fix ticket numbers.Tails developers2014-11-301-2/+2
* Update Vagrant situation in Tails and Debian.Tails developers2014-11-301-8/+3
* Add Docker availability (Closes: #7532).Tails developers2014-11-301-1/+24
* We only do the agenda hereTails developers2014-11-301-5/+2
* Update meeting agendaTails developers2014-11-301-5/+6
* Dont't mention date in titleTails developers2014-11-301-1/+1
* updated PO filesamnesia2014-11-303-6/+13
* Make title more explicitTails developers2014-11-301-1/+1
* updated PO filesamnesia2014-11-303-3/+34