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* Use "git tag -l" to detect if a tag exists.Tails developers2013-11-191-1/+1
* Handle release candidates when generating custom APT sourcesTails developers2012-11-151-1/+2
* Keep dots in branch name when converting to APT suite name.Tails developers2012-11-111-1/+1
* The experimental branch also has its dedicated APT suite.Tails developers2012-10-261-0/+2
* Import script that generates custom APT sources lines, and its Cucumber tests.Tails developers2012-02-041-0/+56
* auto/scripts/ikiwiki-supported-languages: use YAML::Syck.Tails developers2011-04-221-1/+2
* Use (and depend on) the fixed YAML::XS version.Tails developers2011-04-151-2/+1
* Extract wiki's supported languages at build time.Tails developers2011-04-151-0/+69