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* Select the correct listboxrow when setting is loaded (refs: #17136)segfault2020-06-181-0/+14
* Re-add the boolean return value to load() (refs: #17136)segfault2020-06-151-5/+18
* Use exceptions instead of False and None to indicate failure (refs: #17136)segfault2020-06-151-23/+18
* Make sure that the password does not get hashed twice (refs: #17135)segfault2020-06-151-6/+11
* Greeter: Fix AttributeErrorsegfault2020-06-151-2/+4
* Greeter: Refactor: Redesign how settings are saved and loadedsegfault2020-06-151-11/+43
* Greeter: Refactorsegfault2020-06-151-3/+3
* More refactoring (refs: #17098)segfault2019-10-041-22/+23
* Major refactoring of the Greeter (refs: #17098)segfault2019-10-011-0/+275