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* Rename test suite helper's file.anonym2016-10-241-125/+0
* Extend remote shell with *safe* file operations.anonym2016-10-241-2/+52
* Encapsulate exec_helper's class.anonym2016-10-241-43/+49
* Remove now unnecessary code.anonym2016-09-281-10/+1
* Introduce a request ID for remote shell calls.anonym2016-09-271-15/+24
* Actually VMCommand supports multi-line commands.anonym2016-04-051-2/+0
* Tor Monitor was renamed to Onion Circuits.intrigeri2016-02-231-1/+1
* Update automated test suite to match Vidalia being replaced.intrigeri2016-02-151-2/+2
* Test suite: bump a bit the timeout used when waiting for the remote shell.intrigeri2016-01-261-1/+1
* Merge branch 'stable' into test/10116-make-webm-video-test-more-robustkytv2015-09-191-2/+2
| * Skip "ACK" debug output for VM.spawn.anonym2015-09-111-1/+1
| * Migrate custom STDERR logging to debug_log().anonym2015-09-101-2/+2
* | Refactor "retry Tor" code.anonym2015-09-101-0/+4
* Actually use timeout value.anonym2015-04-081-1/+1
* Retry sending the command in wait_until_remote_shell_is_up.Tails developers2015-02-191-5/+3
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/testing' into test/7821-torTails developers2015-02-191-2/+2
| * Migrate $debug configuration.Tails developers2015-01-191-2/+2
* | Verify that the firewall blocks untorified traffic.Tails developers2015-02-031-0/+8
* Add execute_successfully() and assert_vmcommand_success().Tails developers2014-10-021-1/+2
* Switch from systemtimer to Ruby's timeout module in test suite.Tails developers2013-07-231-1/+1
* Add --debug to run_test_suite script.Tails developers2013-04-021-0/+2
* Reorganise features/, unifying both test suites.Tails developers2013-03-271-0/+58