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* bumped dependency on live-helper, adapted our config directoryamnesia2010-01-131-82/+0
* include the build type in the names of generated .list/.packages/etc. filesamnesia2009-09-031-3/+3
* include the architecture in the generated image's nameamnesia2009-09-031-1/+3
* scripts/build: setup the wiki index page depending on the image languageamnesia2009-08-271-1/+10
* scripts/build: rename .list and .packages files as well as the image itselfamnesia2009-08-251-0/+4
* build and include a static version of the wiki in generated imagesamnesia2009-06-241-2/+6
* include the full version in ISO volume nameamnesia2009-06-241-1/+1
* fix permissions on local includes at build timeamnesia2009-06-221-0/+9
* scripts/{build,config}: stop guessing BASEDIR, we must be run from the root d...amnesia2009-06-221-4/+3
* updated scripts/{build,clean} wrt. new $HOME handlingamnesia2009-06-211-10/+0
* home-refresh: use rsync, not called anymore by lh_buildamnesia2009-06-201-3/+0
* initial source tree import0.1amnesia2009-06-201-0/+68